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Welcome to Paradigm Shift Central!
A portal for a global team of Shifters
; leaders actively helping accelerate the shift in consciousness through creativity and compassion!

Here you will find ongoing featured inspirational online conscious community events, live broadcasts, content, and communities from Leading Members
within our team.

In addition to using this website as a convenient tool for you to see what is new and what is coming up - you are highly encouraged to join the team Discord Server to properly engage with the community. Through there you can participate with more events, get broadcast links, see more community content, receive updates, and connect further with the team!

If you are on mobile - use this alternative link for a better view of the calendar since Google Calendar is so janky.

Looking for support as a conscious media creator? Looking to connect with a team of conscious creators working together? You don't have to do it alone. You can connect further with the team, receive support, and help have your content and events featured within the community when you become a Leading Member by joining on the Patreon for just $11/m.

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Leading Members YouTube Videos

Weekly Team Podcast

Tune in to ongoing interactive and inspirational

team podcasts featuring Leading Members
of the community!
Thursdays at 8pm EDT / 5pm PDT / 12am GMT


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