The Origin Journeys of Paradigm Shift Central (2009 - Dec 21, 2012)

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

The following is a chronological account of media documentation and events related to the growth of the Paradigm Shift Central project.

2009 - 2010

In 2009 what is now Paradigm Shift Central officially began as a school club within Fanshawe College in London, Ontario, Canada. The club was started by a small group of Television Broadcasting students - Brendon Culliton, Brock Springstead, and Andres Silva.  Far before it would become the central conscious media platform and digital community it is today, it would begin as something much smaller. but as we know... everything big begins small.

The inspiration behind creating the club was because Brendon, who is still the facilitator behind Paradigm Shift Central, understood that 'if he were to build it, they would come.' The purpose of the group was to find other people/students to talk to and share knowledge with about topics and subject matter less commonly brought up in 'normal public spheres.' By extended their branches to connect with others and make new friendships they were taking valuable steps towards building community and taking part in collective evolution. Examples of popular topics Paradigm Shift is intended to create space for include Lucid Dreaming, Meditation, Mindfulness, Ancient Knowledge, Empowerment, Oneness, Sacred Geometry, UFO's, Sasquatch, etc. By creating more conversation about these topics the plan was to help expand our individual understanding of reality and also actively take part in the evolution of consciousness as more and more people continued to 'wake up'.

Much of Brendon's motivation for starting Paradigm Shift came from his experiences during a three month internship in Vancouver between April and June 2009. During this time Brendon became more aware about the nature of synchronicity - the universes ability to bring things together at the right time and place. Rather than just seeing it as a theory, he understood that it was something to be practically worked with to help build community. From the very beginning Brendon used the sigil/logo to go along with the presentation of Paradigm Shift - utilizing the power of symbols to help attract people who were looking. 

At that time in the world, the word was beginning to spread about 2012. Things were indeed shifting for those with the eyes to see. Knowledge was rising to the surface, and the waters of change were stirring. From the very beginning Paradigm Shift was intended to be a long term project that would go long beyond 2012. Though within those three years there was indeed a sense of preparation and an objective to connect with as many as the others as possible as a means assist in collectively waking each other up. 

By having access to rooms in the college, the Paradigm Shift Fanshawe club was able organize open meetings for the discussion group. And thus, it began...

Here are some of the very first posters used to promote the meetings around the school. The main image (which is still seen on the front page of the website) was created by Brendon for a class assignment at the time.

As you can see, one of the methods used to draw in more students was the fact that the club meetings provided FREE PUNCH and PIE. This method proved successful and is still recommended as a tactic within the genesis of other Paradigm Shift communities, especially those located in a college/university.  Video of these early meetings has been documented, but not posted to the internet...yet.


On November 11th 2009 Brendon, Brock, and Andres began their first attempt at trying to capture the essence of Paradigm Shift on video. The following are of the original production format they worked with. Though this series was not continued, noticed how its format echoes the format of Paradigm Shift Radio today. 

Production of media directly relating to Paradigm Shift was not the immediate focus at this time, but there was still plenty that was happening. In December 2009, Brendon demonstrated some very Paradigm Shifty behavior when he gave a presentation in front of his Visual Effects class. The assignment was to analyze two scenes that used effects. Brendon compared the footage from 2001 A Space Odyssey with the Moon Landing Footage. 

This in itself was an early form of Shiftivism.

You can watch Brendon's full presentation here. Videotaped by Brock

At this point the club and the idea behind Paradigm Shift was still very much in its seed state. Meetings continued to happen, and things were unfolding as they were. Occupied with school and life, Brendon developed and practiced making consciousness shifting media by weaving it into the content of the assignments he was given.  Such as this one - featuring the Elusive Bigfoot.

This assignment was to learn a new editing software to work with. Brendon created a montage of Bill Hicks, Himself, Terrence McKenna, Charlie Chaplin, Joe Rogan, mixed to music from The Matrix and psytrance. The video was watched by the entire class.

(Video To be Added)

Brendon even began combining his curiosity for Sacred Geometry by practicing learning animation programs such as Adobe After Effects. Through this practice he was able to experience building infinity in a self constructed digital form.

By the later half of 2010 the majority of Brendon's time was focused towards the production of If I Should Fall, a movie opportunity that had very synchronistically landed in his lap. The movie is about Canadian military in Afghanistan and the very real experience of loss, the strength of the human spirit, and the importance of remembrance. The film proved to be succesful and recieved numerous awards at film festival in both Canada and the United States. Visit the website to watch the trailer.

During this time there was not much media created related to Paradigm Shift, but all that would change in 2011...


With the start of a new school year at Fanshawe College came plenty of fresh opportunities for the community to grow. Brendon, Brock, and Andres had all successfully graduated the year before, but Brendon hung around the college on his spare time to focus energy towards building the community and evolving the project. 

Through a variety of networking outside of the college Brendon was beginning to connect with students and others in the London area who had valuable knowledge and information to share. 

As such, Brendon began to focus future Paradigm Shift events around guest speakers coming into the college while simultaneously using his video production skills to document the process and create episodes to share online. This series, known as Sight Beyond Sight, would not only function as a valuable vehicle to share knowledge, but also generate awareness about the Paradigm Shift project online.

In addition, two episodes were created relating to events outside of the college - The Spirituality Expo and The Psychic Expo. 

In particular, Episode 7 focused around members of the Paradigm Shift community practicing giving presentations of their own - reflecting the intention that the community is designed to create space for us to practice expressing ourselves. 

Simultaneously to this, Brendon was looking for other means to promote the Paradigm Shift community and some of the potent and empowering ideas that existed within the converastion circles it supported. 

In February 2011, Brendon took part in the Ignite London event, a chance for a person to use 5 minutes and 20 auto-advancing slides to 'enlighten' the crowd. Needless to say, Brendon utilized the opportunity as best as he could. Taking to the stage was an act of courage that was intended to be seen, that was intended to create more ripples.

This presentation would then go on to evolve to the most current version that most people are familiar which was filmed in 2014.

Following the success of the club things were going well for Paradigm Shift Fanshawe. As the school year came to an end the group natural evolved beyond the college and began having meetings at a local yoga studio. Paradigm Shift Fanshawe had now extended its branches as it got ready to become Paradigm Shift London (Ontario, Canada.)


In April 2011, Brendon returned to Vancouver for a short period of time. During which he met up with his good friend Joe, who created/discovered Spacelite - Natural Alkaline Health and Electrolyte Formula, a simple powder that is added to water to provide natural and valuable health benefits, in particular, countering against acidic build-up by helping rebalnce PH Levels. Over the 8 days that they hung out, Brendon and Joe filmed a movie documenting their adventure while also aiming to inspire conscious living. The full movie, Journey to the West, was the first full length movie Brendon released online. 

The full movie would be officially released on December 21, 2011.

Essentially this movie is the genesis of Brendon's shift into a new style of documentation - Gonzo Journalism. Inspired by the character of Spider Jerusalem from the comic book Transmetropolitan, and the nutorious Hunter S. Thompson, Brendon took on the pen name Skull Babylon ( as he began intentionally creating an online identity for himself that he would use as another vehicle to share the documentation of consciousness in a unique, personal, and engaging way that would also generate awareness about Paradigm Shift. The intention of this style of media was to provide story telling of the events happening within the local London community, and to begin practicing and developing his skills for the projects in the future.

(Many people ask what Skull Babylon means. The intention is for it to be a mirror. What does it mean to you? Yet among other things it was later decoded to directly translate to 'Rebirth from Within'.)

The first Skull Babylon video was released in June.  The following is the list of Gonzo Journalism Videos of 2011

A notable highlight out of these videos was in November while documenting an outdoor meditation in the midst of the Occupy movement, during which Brendon experimented with modifying the presentation of Paradigm Shift to reflect the energies at the time, thus creating the temporary existce of 3VOLV3 (which would later transmute back into PSL shortly after).

In late August Brendon applied his skills in a new style once again as to host EnergyXchangE - a live on stage interactive show that took place at a local pub/bar. The idea was simple - 1 host + infinite topics + 3 interchanging participants + audience involvement = collective education discourse.