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Community Guidelines

The Community Guidelines for Paradigm Shift Central are created to maintain a cohesive, supportive, healthy environment for the community while supporting the context, focus, and intention of the project. 

Being a member of the Paradigm Shift Central community means strictly adhering to the community guidelines in order to ensure a healthy and supportive space for the community and its members.


Please note that admins for Paradigm Shift Central have the right to immediately remove and revoke the privileges and entire memberships of participants should they knowingly go against the community guidelines or if they are deemed to not be an appropriate fit for the community.


If participants act out of alignment with to the Community Guidelines on any platform related they may be issued one warning at which point they will be reminded to review the guidelines. No additional warnings will be granted. 

With that said, we look forward to having you contribute to the healthy ongoing growth of the community!


By being a member within the Paradigm Shift Central community

you are required to agree to the following:


- Be kind, supportive, loving, and helpful.

- Communicate with courtesy and respect.

- Participants must show respect for each other and the digital spaces we share.

- No bullying, trolling, name calling, degrading comments, threats, promoting false claims, encouraging acts of self harm, discrimination of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, weight, diet, etc.

- No flirting or inappropriate innuendos.

- No unsolicited messages between members. Prior to contacting a member privately for the first time you must ask for their permission publicly within the community chat.

- Participants are encouraged to establish and respect healthy boundaries and the privacy of other participants. For example, a participant can politely tell someone to not message them privately for the time being, and that is totally cool and respected. Or a member can set specific conditions for what they expect and prefer from communication between a member.

- No publication of inappropriate content, such as content related to topics outside of the context set within the project.

- All published content within the main website from users (not necessarily links shared on the Discord Chat) must belong to them, or have been given permission by the original author to republish, or give appropriate credit to the original source.

- Commit yourself to your ongoing growth and evolution.


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