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Each pack contains an intuitively selected assortment of Shift Buttons for you!

Medium Pack = 10+ Shift Buttons
Large Pack = 25+ Shift Buttons
Giant's Pack = 60+ Shift Buttons

+11 Synchronicity
+8 Alignment 

Shift Buttons are potent tools used by Shifters within the ongoing game to help accelerate the shift in consciousness by hacking the matrix with love. Each Shift Button contains conscious imagery intentionally designed to help spark conscious conversation and reflect the unique style of the wearer. They are meant to help evoke synchronicity by being worn, seen, and shared with friends and strangers. Each Shift Button features the website on the rim, thus inviting people to connect with the global project. 

Featuring visionary art from a variety of community artists, such as Louis Dyer and Brock Springstead.

There are numerous awesome Shift Button designs, and each package received will contain a new random selection for you to play with!

Reminder you can get a reusable a 25% discount code when you subscribe for a monthly Membership.

They're potency is multiplied even further when combined with other conscious shirts and Shiftiivsm tactics. Watch this gameplay tutorial video to learn more!

Shift Buttons


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