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+13 Synchronicity
+7 Compassion
+9 Courage
+7 Alignment

Be the Love you Wish to See in the World.
Help evoke synchronicity and connect with community.

There are over 35 different designs to match to your style. 

The "Ask Me About..." collection of clothing, mugs, and stickers are strategically created to help spark synchronicity where you are. Imagine being at school, a bus stop, an office, or even a coffee shop - and someone happens to walk by and read your shirt, mug, or sticker - and just like that - they welcome the opportunity to start a conversation with you about some of your favourite consciousness shifting topics! Be a portal! Plant seeds! Find the others! Hack the matrix with love! IMPORTANT: Different shipping rates apply with any items purchased from our parallel store. Current

Options Available Include: Ask Me About... Lucid Dreaming Sacred Geometry Psychedelics Shifting Consciousness Metaphysics Esoteric Knowledge Spirituality Sasquatch Dreams Other Dimensions Life Beyond Death Chakras Spirits Meditation Mindfulness Aliens and UFOs The Paranormal DMT The Pineal Gland Being a Light Guardian The Power of the Hearth The Illusion of Reality Paradigm Shift Central Energy Healing The Nature of Reality Synchronicity Reincarnation Shifting Paradigms Psychic Abilities The Mysteries of the Universe


"Ask Me About..." Conscious Shirts


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