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*You will recieve one randomly selected crystal.

+6 Alignment
+9 Relaxation
+3 Dream Recall 

Dream Crystals are hand made wire wrapped crystals, created by Wolf-Shield (Brendon / Mystic Spiderman) with intention to help assist you on your ongoing journey of shifting consciousness. Each one is charged with intentions and good vibes for you to carry with you as a reflection of courage, compassion, and anything else you need. Program the crystal for what it means to you.

They can be a useful item to use while sleeping. Some people choose to wear the crystal on their hand using the keychain latch during their sleep so they can hold the crystal.

Each Dream Crystal comes with a useful keychain latch. They are great for wearing on belt loops, attaching to zippers, backpacks, keys, and anywhere else you need them. The keychain latches also works well as a valuable tool to wear it on your finger during meditation. Great for grounding and calming energy. 


Amethyst Dream Crystal Wire Wraps


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