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Paradigm Shift Central is a portal for conscious media and global community growth to help assist in our collective evolution.

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A Portal for Conscious Media and the Global Paradigm Shift Community


Paradigm Shift Central is a youth initiated global network of individuals
and Paradigm Shift Communities actively engaged with promoting open-mindedness,
healthy living, and the evolution of consciousness. 



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- To make a difference, one must be the difference. -  

What this shifty stuff is all about:

We are creating an awesome global team that anyone can be a part of. 

Through the online community we have created a space to connect with each other and to practice communicating on multiple levels realted to topics, concepts, and ideas commonly less talked about in mainstream public spheres to reflect the intention of the physical Paradigm Shift Communities. 

This website is a portal for sharing consciousness shifting media to document the evolution of this project and to help educate, entertain, and inspire through weekly interactive episodes of Paradigm Shift Radio, community created videos through The Video Inspiration Station, original full length movies, interactive community video hangouts, and more.

Paradigm Shift Communities exist world wide in a variety of locations and focus on hosting regular Open-minded Discussion and Meditation Circles as well as other events to help create local community and support personal and collective growth. They are constantly being organized and created by people just like you to help change the lives of many by giving people hope, inspiration, and a place to practice authentically sharing their thoughts, ideas, and experiences. Popular topics of converastion within Community Meetings include lucid dreaming, mindfulness, ancient knowledge, metaphysics, understanding energy, parapsychology, meditation, sacred geometry, ecological awareness, infinity, and beyond.

Anyone can help create a Paradigm Shift Community where they are to help connect with others, build real friendships, foster space for the evolution of consciousness, and help change the world.

Community members are highly encouraged to reach out and interact with others in their areas through acts of Shiftivism and Shift Tools to help plant seeds and connect with others to assist in the collective awakening as we all continue to remember our place within this reality, and more importantly - our potential within it.

Anyone can get involved with this project in a variety of ways.
Being involved with this project is an awesome step towards meeting other awesome people who are passionate about helping be the change they wish to see in this world and bringing more life changing positivity into our shared reality. 
We all have the the potential to do amazing things. 

Welcome to the Team.

Share this website to ripple the inspiration further. 

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This project was ceated in 2009 by
Brendon 'Wolf-Shield' Culliton
Skull Babylon - Neogonzo Journalist
Feel free to add at
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Paradigm Shift London, Ontario, Canada

(How did this all begin? Read The Story So Far)

Courage is Contageous

We are changing the world, one smile at a time.

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Shiftivism: The act of showing love
to help assist in the awakening of consciousness.

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