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Why the Full Moon is a Portal for Potential (and How to Make the Most of It)

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

As a Cancerian human wolf elf hybrid I have always had a particularly fond attraction and connection to the moon. Many people are familiar with basic ideas about how the full moon can bring about significant events and shifts in the individual and collective story. Many will account to the idea that part of this is because the moons gravity subtly effects the water on the planet, and since we are made of water, it is also effecting us and pulling us in certain directions, whether we are conscious of this or not. Now the way I explain the magic of the moon is by thinking of it as a portal. Gravity is what we can see on the surface as the cause - but gravity is just a fractal of the even more influential, and yet subtle energies that are at play. 

To visualize this - think of the moon as something like a satellite dish. It is constantly emitting, projecting, and receiving energy in the form of sacred geometry - Fibonacci pinecone-like spirals from every angle, infinity hexagrams - a mandala. This signal IS always present, BUT on the full moon this portal is fully activated and amplified because the full 'satellite dish' of the moon is activated, and yes, aligned, aimed, and focused directly towards earth (for the purpose of our collective evolution). So kind of like how the Sun hits us with Sun rays, the moon hits us with sacred geometrical 'spiritual' (there-yet-unseen) energy that is directly interacting with our bodies, mind, AND our subtle spiritual energies. Also keep in mind, Moon Light is still Sun Light reflecting off the moon - and thus, having access to that much Sun Light (amplified through the moon) while still at night, has its effects.

(Here is a visual representation of what the 'spiritual energy' looks like when the Moon is Full. The flow of energy is ALWAYS there, the Full Moon just activates it more fully.)

And so what does this mean? What does this cause? What opportunity does this portal being open allow?

To understand how to make the most of a Full Moon let’s think of this in terms of potential. We as humans are constantly receiving and riding the spiritual waters of the universe, whether we are aware of it or not. This ‘water’ is what fuels us - it is the Awen - THE energy that is life itself - the source of creativity, synchronicity, growth, and yes, even chaos. When the Full Moon portal is activated, it is like the moon is a giant pipe (or portal) pouring out an abundance of energy / ‘water’ towards us that we can use in a multitude of ways. When the Full Moon portal is open, it is like someone turned on the jets at a surf pool - meaning that yes the water is ALWAYS flowing and always in abundance, but it isn't ALWAYS coming at us full force. And from the bigger picture it makes sense as to why not. We need the less to appreciate the more. We are completely capable of functioning on less waves, and its only within the moment that it is open that we REALLY get to surf - if we choose to. The ‘water’ coming through the portal can both nourish us and it can cary us into very interesting places (both inside and out) if we choose to ride it - the same way a surfer sees a wave - they have to meet it half way with mindfulness to really get the full effect. To say it bluntly - Full Moons are a great time to practice riding the waves of synchronicity (with trust).

So what kind of things can we do to make the most of a Full Moon Portal? Evoke synchronicity, creativity, reflection, manifestation, and intention setting, to name a few.

Think of it like this way - when the moon is open it is the potential for Bonus XP. (*Bonus Experience Points - video game reference). In addition to Bonus XP it is also Bonus everything. One of my favourite things to do on a Full Moon is to get out there in my community into the heart of Babylon and to see what will come my way. So for me personally, being mindful of the Moon portal and being open allows me meet the universe in ways that results in some very interesting synchronicities with obvious additional frequency. Honestly, there are some full moons where it is just non-stop synchronicity throughout the day. I go out there, I set an intention, I remain open to what will come my way, and I keep running into the right people at the right place at the right time. I keep finding other dreamers and making new friends and giving them Shift Buttons and connecting them with the bigger Paradigm Shift Central project, to help build community. I keep finding and seeing synchronistic numbers without looking for them. Symbols like 96, and 1111 (some of my personal synch numbers). I keep receiving lessons and gifts along my path. So simply by being aware that synchronicity is in a higher frequency allows us to notice it and bring it into our experience. 

During the full moon I am also more aware of my subtle energies. I can feel things within my self in a heightened sense, especially if I have been cultivating my sexual energy (which we will talk about in another article.) In very real ways, we become more 'psychic' during the full moon because the water is flowing, and the water is the medium for the cosmic message.

So what else happens on a full moon? Well, since this is just an article and not a book, I’ll try to keep it short. Now that you understand the idea that when the portal is open the water is flowing - you can piece the rest together within your own mind. Full Moons are a great time for thinking and reflecting. I like to see Full Moons as 'check-points' for me to ask myself 'Where have I been? What have I done? Who am I know?'. Feel free to use these same questions to help get you thinking. Thinking about what? Thinking about anything and everything. They are great for seeing what may have been unseen and for being creative. A reminder that we are the artists of our life as both the painter and the canvas, and Full Moons are a great time to put the brush to the canvas and practice creating (even if you are not sure what to create - just practice.) 

(Me under the Full Moon)

Full Moons are also great for setting intention. Since everything is amplified - that means that whatever we think has extra signal boost in terms of becoming. Full Moons are a great time to practice your manifestation potential, be it conscious or unconscious. So this is a reminder to be extra mindful of what you are thinking during this time. If you have something you would like to humbly bring into your life - write it out, get it on paper (doing so is a form of magik in itself.) Create a simple list of 5 things you would like to bring into your reality, be it material or even characteristics of who you are. More pertinence, more courageous, more honest, disciplined, etc. Full Moons are a great time for laying out a plan for a course you wish to create for yourself. Program your reality and inject that code into the matrix. Combine it with some stillness and meditation, and send it right back up to the Moon and into yourself. And so will this work? Well, the only way to know is through your own experience - through Gnosis. So you will have to try it in order to know for yourself. 

BONUS PRACTICAL TIPS - Meditate under the moon. Howl at it! (Awwwwwoooo!). Do moon-gazing, and just take it in - right to your heart. Enjoy it.


And so with that said, thanks for reading this - below are a few corresponding videos related to the Full Moon that are associated with the Paradigm Shift Central community over the years. The first is a very visceral Journey Meditation that involves time travel, healing, astral cities, and a special surprise at the end. The meditation is very heart opening and is likely to make you cry. There is also an awesome heart felt community music video from the a previous Full Blue Moon, a Spiritual Poem about the Moon, another community song we did using our own howls, some reflections after a Full Moon sweat lodge I did, and some more gonzo journalism action from within the local Paradigm Shift London (Ontario, Canada) community. Enjoy and share this article with your friends to ripple the Moon waves further.


As a bonus gift, experience and enjoy some of these guided story meditations focused around the full moon.

So with that said, thanks for reading and watching. How else can we make the most of a Full Moon?! Add your ideas in the comments below!

Now go out there, ride the flow, experience what the universe has for you with an open heart and an inspired spirit and help change the world.

Be water my friends.

0N3 L0V3

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