Understanding the Chakras (Gnosis Video Lecture)

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Chakras are something more and more people are becoming familiar with. The term Chakra often translates to 'Vortex' or 'Spinning Discs". They are fundamental aspects of the subtle energy body - meaning that they are not something you can find and measure with a scientific instrument if you were to open up the physical body. But rather their presence is known through a deeper understanding of the role they play and how they show themselves through our emotions, intuition, virtues, and abilities as multi-dimensional beings.

There are many benefits to understanding the Chakras. Simply put they can be thought of as a roadmap to activating our potential within this human form!

Within this 2 hour educational and entertaining video lecture presented by my friend of the local Gnosis community, you will learn about how Chakras have appeared throughout history in various different cultures in many different ways, how the chakras relate to our behavior, the occult faculties (abilities) associated with each, how by opening and balancing them we can gain access to our etheric bodies which allow us to experience conscious awareness beyond the physical body through states of meditation and dream practice, and more!

One of the key benefits of understanding the chakras is learning more about the corresponding virtues of each chakra that make up our personalities and as well as mantras for each Chakra and how to integrate a meditative practice into your daily life that will help work with them and activate them.

Thank you again to our friend Phil for hosting the lecture and giving us permission to document and help share this information.

For those curious to know more about the teachings of Gnosis:

"Gnosis is, in its essence, a natural ability of our consciousness that perceives reality objectively, without the intervention of thought process, prejudices, preconceptions etc. Through the knowledge of self (Nosce te Ipsum), anthropological studies of past civilizations, various religions of the world and mystical currents, mythological and philosophical issues of history of humanity, Gnostic students will discover the necessary tools to deepen their knowledge of themselves and awaken their lost faculty. " For more information about Gnosis visit http://www.gnosis.ca ____ Personal Links: www.youtube.com/SkullBabylon www.instagram.com/MysticSpiderman www.patreon.com/BrendonCulliton

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