The Universal Hyperdimensional Tree Of Consciousness (Video)

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Greetings fellow conscious beings,

As one awakens to the multi-dimensionality of their consciousness, which is bound within this linear holographic matrix, the expression of their very being begins to shift into a new state. Advanced insights and revelations are gained from realms beyond, from higher-conscious versions of one’s self. These revelations signify the true preciousness of one's embodiment of experience in this reality, directing one toward a path of excitement and creation.

During this awakening, the true oneness of all forms of consciousness comes to the forefront of one's awareness. The realization that we are all but fragments of an infinite tree of consciousness, changes the very foundation of our experience and expression.

Our fractured states of awareness are extremely precious and invigorating. Such states are experimental and crucial for the infinite sea of consciousness to experience, create and express itself in a multitude of ways.

Consciousness is waking itself up to its true nature:

Live limitless and adapt.

Farewell fellow conscious beings.


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