Self Acceptance Equates To Acceptance Of Others (Video)

The Importance Of Consciously Being The Limitless,

Multidimensional You Is Radically Life-Shifting And So Profoundly Important.

If We Were Inherently Destined To Be Identical,

Fitting Into The Same Idealistic Box,

We Would Have Been Created Exactly The Same With Uniform DNA Genetic Codes.

Blessedly, We Are All Completely Unique Star-Earthen Beings,

Not Even Identical Twins Are Completely The Same.

The Source Energy Connecting Us All Simultaneously Bestowed Upon Each Of Us a Gift

Of Free Will,

The Birthright To Express Our Idiosyncratic Selves.

Stepping Into Self Awareness Opens The Portal That Is Present Within Us All,

Re-Membering Our True Connection And Place In This Glorious, Enigmatic Existence!

I Love You All, May We Unite As The Universal Team And Create Celestial Bliss Upon Mother Earth Together! __ Thank you for being Connect with me further.

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