Remembering What We Need (Video)

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

And so, here we are... After many many hours spent upgrading and refining the Paradigm Shift Central project to bring it to where it is now - the next steps are to begin playing within the space and to practice using it for what it has been created for. Paradigm Shift Central is more than just as website - it is a metaphysical archive to document our collective experiences as consciousness awakening to itself. Yet it is more than just an archive too. It is an invitation. To play! To play this game... one in which we challenge ourselves to create inspirational media, to document our journeys, and celebrate the process of doing so together! I am honoured and deeply grateful to be amongst tribe, team, community, fellow Shifters and Light Guardians... you! To be here sharing in this sacred digital space to create, express, inspire, and evolve. So to begin the process of creating momentum for myself and the team, I took it upon myself to document my heart and mind within the moments after I exercised during sunset with the intention to be present and practice being a voice for what my soul has to share... helping reflect...and remembering what we need...

0N3 L0V3 - Wolf-Shield ___ Connect Support Gear Up

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