Planet Vegan by Parker Webb (Official Music Video)

Curated by Paradigm Shift Central on behalf of Parker Webb. (IG: @fungiflows) PLANET VEGAN is more than just a Music Video ... its a MOVEMENT!

Feel the Vibration of a plant-based diet, and learn some delicious Vegan recipes along the way!

Vegan, Vegetarian, or Omnivore, we welcome you to enjoy this fun filled film!

If you are feeling inspired by PLANET VEGAN, we encourage you to take the

VEGAN CHALLENGE: try 1 week without animal products, and see how you feel!

(FYI, the difference between Vegan and Vegetarian, is that Vegans choose not to consume animal products .. Vegetarians may choose to consume eggs, dairy, etc)

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Written by Parker Webb

Recorded by Parker Webb

Song Engineered & Prod. by Cherry

Video Filmed and Prod. by Katie. M. Guarnaccia

Instrumental Prod. by J. Gramm - Broccoli Remix

*no animals were hurt in the filming of this video ;) *

*all wardrobe resembling fur is faux*

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