Let This Be the Year (Video)

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

And so my friend, what will the new year be?

Another opportunity for you to be free.

From the stories of your past.

That have walked their path.

In order to propel you into new realms of sovereignty.

For your destiny beckons you

The gifts are at your door

And when you answer the call

You will find oh so much more

Then you could have ever hoped for or asked

Because the universe has your back

Inviting you into the playful energy

That will help make it last

For it is with these seeds that you sow

That you create a direction for you to go

As you riiiiise up to the sun

To remember what you know

That it is not the date on clock

Or the time on your watch

That will be the thing to change you

My friend no

It is you who must take the walk

Through the winding paths within

As you take a look at what has been

As you learn what you can learn

And reflect on what you have seen

Healing our shame with deep love

Shifting our beliefs from above

Everything happens for a reason

So that it will be these stories that we speak of

Of how we healed our own hearts

Of how we forgave our wounded selves

Of how we helped lead by example

By rising up out of our own hells

Because you are a Light Guardian

With the courage to look into the dark

In order to transmute our bigger self

On this collective journey which we embark

You are not your past

But rather an observer

You are not the thoughts you once had

So let go and move further

Towards the directions of your dreams

The ones that whisper what has always been

A calling into a higher purpose

So that we may lead the way for these new streams

Of accountability and consistency

Of focus and determination

Of deep courage and compassion

That will shift the paradigms of this nation

The nation that is within

The once in which the magi rule supreme

For it is within our imagination

That we stand together strong as one team

As one tribe of the heart

Here to transform the world with our art

And everyone is invited

It’s never to late to take part

In this celebration of our transformation

As we honor all that we continue to become

Through the awakening of this dream

And our actualization as the one

Of one love.

Of one mind.

Of one truth that you will alway find.

That this life is a gift,

To help us rise, to claim our prize

To awaken within the dream through new eyes

That your story is bigger

And let this be the year, to live our answer as to why.

What will the new year be?

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