How to Rise and Ascend Your Consciousness Like a Champion (Video)

Original Shift Entry by Eddie Grace __

It's with great honor to be able to share with you my latest consciousness video. This video has taken me 3 years to complete on the back of 15 years of study and experimentation. Within this video I present a procedure for consciousness ascension.

It's not a faith based system and does not require you to join a club or be a member of anything. It's science, it's repeatable and it will work effortlessly.

So before you trigger your third eye to open and allow your consciousness to transition into higher dimensional reality you must prepare for your senses to be modified.

Everything you thought you know will change, your ability to comprehend information will advance relative to the amount of times you choose to ascend and explore higher dimensional reality.

Ascension is an activity not an event and the more you practice strengthening the higher mind directly and indirectly the stronger your natural ability will become in regards to comprehension (CQ)   IQ + EQ = CQ

No strings attached, this is the real deal. It's a procedure not a belief system.

What information you choose to embody as your belief system and how you choose to relate to that information with your emotions is completely up to you....

BUT know this like attracts like in higher dimensional reality and the way you choose to embody your sense of ethics will drive the interactions with non physical beings and also the way they choose to treat you after the interaction is over and you find yourself back in your body.

Enjoy my fellow Paradigm Shifters and good luck with your higher dimensional's time to rise !!! - Eddie

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