Full Moon Guided Journey Meditation. July, 2019 (Video)

The following guided journey meditation was recorded live inside of a local yoga studio. The meditation focuses on developing and practicing flexing the imagination through a connection with the senses. Within it you will experience a journey through the forest and into a magical pool of water which holds a very special gift of wonder and awe for you to take with you.

Throughout the many years of doing Paradigm Shift Central I have always been a big fan of doing guided meditations during the full moon. As humans I feel that this is something encoded into our roots. The full moon is a natural time for ceremony and gathering as community. It is a time when the magic is a little bit more permeable within the air and can serve as a bit of a boost for focus, synchronicity, intuitive inspiration, and more. Leading into doing the guided meditation there is a bit of a synchronistic story. You see - unlike many other guided meditations where I have done it at home from my computer as a live broadcast, this one was instead broadcasted live from inside of a local yoga studio where I was facilitating the meditation in person. But the interesting part in this is that amidst all of the recent work I have been doing related to Paradigm Shift Central the option and intention of doing a meditation broadcast on this July full moon was there - but I had not set up an official broadcast link to do it at home or anything. On the day of the full moon itself I was feel a little quiet actually. As a Cancerian full moons can often make me super extroverted or introverted. Because of this doing the guided meditation just wasn't something I felt super excited about doing. I just didnt really feel like I had the energy I needed to make it happen.... but the universe had its own plans. Later on in the day I knew that instead of just staying in my room it would serve me well if I were to workout for a bit. And so I did. At this point I was just focusing on giving myself what I needed. I wasn't really thinking about rushing to set things up to do a meditation broadcast. But, as I said... the universe obviously wanted it to happen. Because just as I finished working out I got a message from my friend Daniel who facilitates meditation for the local London Mindfulness Community. Something had come up on his end and he had asked me if I would be available to facilitate the meditation tonight at the yoga studio only about 90 mins from the time he asked. At this moment I saw it clearly as the universe asking and inviting me to do this. And so, to help a friend, and to receive the gift myself, I said yes and told him I could do it. He thanked me and called me a life saver for helping out so last minute. So with only a bit of time to prepare, I opened up my mind to receive insight on the story I would tell. I prepared my cameras, and sent out the message that I would be broadcasting live online. Coincidently at the exact same time that I would have normally had planned to do the broadcast anyways. Being able to do the meditation was important for me for multiple reasons. Being able to facilitate these experiences is an important part of my identity. So being able to do it in person and online nurtured my own spirit and helped connect me with a reminder of who I am, and why what I do is also important for others too. In fact, during the meditation one of the people attending was able to open themselves up to crying in a very nurturing heart opening way because the guided meditation was so visceral and beautiful and it helped create the space for them to hear something that they needed to hear. Personally as a meditation facilitator and story teller I take great pride in being able to help make people cry in the best ways possible. (:P) For you see my friends - I had thought about doing the meditation, almost didn't, and then the universe helped make sure that I did, but in a way I didn't anticipate, but was exactly what I needed. What I do, what we do, is bigger than just us. Our stories are interconnected. After you listen to the meditation please feel free to leave any comments and feed back and continue the discussion of what the meditation was for you. You can explore more guided journey meditations online at www.paradigmshiftcentral.com/meditations

Thank you for being a part of the bigger story and opening yourself up to the wonder all around you and sharing that with others. 0N3 L0V3 - Wolf-Shield ___







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