Dream Report: The Transient Being: Humanity's Resurrection

Art by Grzegorz Rutkowski 

I’m standing on an over pass, on an abandoned highway over looking a city ravaged by machines. Who has placed me here? I do not know. It is such a crazy sight it’s hard to fully describe the feeling. There are giant machines, tearing the city apart in the distance. All I can hear is screeching metal.... so loud and haunting. I see a forest hillside close to the abandoned highway. As I’m walking I see 3 robot scouts patrolling this area. I make a run for it and throw my ass into the grassy bush. I tumble down and wait here as they pass me overhead. I’m now kneeling in the tall grass staring out into the desolate streets. I then notice a figure walking through the wooded area and a man appears from behind a tree, with him a dog who comes running towards me. It’s a beautiful black German shepherd and it nuzzles right into my chest. The man walks over and tells me to follow him. We quietly make our way through the city streets, in the shadows of this destroyed place. Silently moving, crouching and hiding in alleyways.

We make it to a compound of sorts and other humans appear. They are alarmed by my presence and start bombarding the man who has brought me here with questions. "Who is she!!!?" One woman screams. Another man yells out "she’s not one of us!" And another "you shouldn’t have brought her here" as the new traveling companion tries to assess the situation and calm down his allies, I look around at a completely barren road. On either side large robotic doors form a type of barrier but they seem that they are no longer in function. The small group of humans are carrying backpacks and it seems they are on there own type of mission. I turn around and tell them that I can help; they are very weary of me though. One of the humans emerges from behind the others and says" let her prove herself." I agree and we form a circle and begin to set a plan of action.

The group is on a food run and they have narrowed down a processing facility where they can access these "pods", these pods are a type of computer system that can sustain the life of one individual. These pods are scarce and their sources have been running low. I lead the way into the processing facility. It is brightly lit up; the ceiling is lined with windows and the interior with rows of mechanical drop stations, which I assume, is for these pods. It has been abandoned though and I realize that we are not welcome here. The human race is in exile and we are being phased out by this robotic race. I make my way to the back of the warehouse and sift through old pods, they look like curled up slatted bronze scales, made of some type of titanium. I keep searching for anything that can help me. Suddenly one of our group screams out "The siege!!!!!" And points up to the windows above us. A massive black swirling electrical mist descends onto the building. "Secure the doors!!!!!" The leader yells.

I run as fast as I can to barricade the door. I throw my body into it slamming the door shut as this siege seeps through and attaches to my left hand. I hold position, no idea what this black mist is trying to do... we wait and the storm passes. I drop to the ground and my group runs over. One guy says "did it get you!?" Another "she’s infected!" as she grabs my hand. I look and my hand is fine, nothing has happened. The woman yells I saw it attach to her hand!" I look at them and say "it did" the leader goes " that’s not possible....."I’m like " what’s going on?" the leader says, " The siege attacks and infects humans".

Suddenly we hear commotion outside, everyone scatters. I run down a dark hallway and quickly hide. I hear loud noises as a robot walks through the corridor. In my mind I’m very calm despite the imminent danger. It turns the corner and I quietly follow behind. It stop outside in what appears to be an old green house. It radios out to its unit speaking in its robotic language. I run up behind it and disable it with quick precision. I’m like wait what the fuck how did I know how to do that? No time to contemplate on this I must move quickly. I look over and notice a large container of full of working pods. I reach in and fill my knapsack with as many as I can. I turn and start to make my way back to the group. As I’m walking I notice a light from down the hall, I am pulled towards this light. I walk and can see a series of tunnels, and a type of water treatment place and old computers from the lost world. And suddenly like an epiphany... I know I have been brought here to save the human race. This is my purpose my destiny. I know now I am not from here but I am meant to be here. I hear the leader call for me." I’m here "I yell out. He runs in and says, " We must go they will send more machines. I agree and show him the pods. There’s more just this way.  I wake up.

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