Amazon Burning. A Prayer for Gaia: A Call to Raise Awareness and Rise (Video)

How do we spiritually reconcile what is going on in the world right now?

We must have faith that everything that is happening is a call to raise awareness.

And that this call will cause us to rise and create a more sustainable future.

A future we will create together.

Everyone is feeling it.. In the next few years we have some decisions to make, and what we decide will dictate the future of generations to come.

We must wake up and elect leaders that implement and advocate for environmental policies that put integrity before profit and stop the devastation and thievery of the homelands of our remaining indigenous tribes who are in harmony with and respect, love, and protect our mother earth.

Rainbow Warriors, we must rise to protect our temple. 🌈🏹

We must be more mindful of what and who we support. We must live more sustainably.

How do we spiritually reconcile with what is going on in the world right now?

We must choose love over fear.

We must have faith that these travesties represent a crumbling of a patriarchal time in our history, but that this ending is going to catalyze a new beginning and create a change for good.

Although it may look dark for a time, we will be called to be pillars of a new temple and a new way of life.

Empathy will heal the world. Keep your heart open. Remember who you are. Take conscious action. Rise up. And speak truth to power.

Michelle Infinity, Infinite Everything


This prayer is my offering to spiritually reconcile what is happening collectively on our planet, and a call to raise awareness so that we can take actions to change it together. So that we can create the world we want to live in together. This time is dawning a very important global awakening, and we must rise and take back our power from the corruption that has taken over our world. It is time now. We are ready. And we can do this peacefully. We can do this by understanding that the other person is also us. We can educate and be responsible. We have the power in our hands to lead, teach, and heal. Let us serve with our actions the values we know in our hearts to be true.

Thank you so much to Bruce Miller for his amazing music and helping me bring this prayer to life with amazing imagery, encouragement, and vision. And to my beloved, Adam Tutor for mixing the sound and always supporting me and my soul work.

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