32nd Birthday Sunrise Message and Reflections (Video)

32 years. 32 cosmic spirals around the sun. 32 cycles unfolding within this beautiful dream.

Today on my birthday, and also World Free Hugs Day and Beyond, I am connected to the infinite gratitude that fills my heart. Through all the steps walked, words spoken, songs sung, hugs shared, and visions inspired, I am and continue to be in awe and wonder of this life and the gift of being able to share the magic of it together with you as we weave this ongoing metaphysical story.

Thank you deeply for blessings, support, and for inspiring me as we continue to inspire each other and those we have yet to met. I am humbled and devoted to be in this gift of service and celebration with you, my fellow Shifters and Light Guardians. Let us continue to play this ever unfolding game together.

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Forever and always.

- Wolf-Shield

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