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Becoming a Leading Member

A core aspect of Paradigm Shift Central is that it serves as a potent sacred digital space for building a growing team of conscious media creators and leaders. Being a Leading Member gives people access to exclusive areas, features, perks, and benefits within the project to help them level up and reach a wider audience with their content and services.


The value of being a Leading Member is given in exchange for an asking pay what you wish contribution between $11 - 1111US per month through Patreon to help support the ongoing evolution of the project for the community.

Leading Members are encouraged to recognize the monthly value exchange as an investment for themselves as they receive community support and ongoing inspiration as well as access to community platforms to help them in growing their own brands and increasing the global reach and impact of their content. 

Being a Leading Member will give you access to working with Brendon as your private Conscious Media Creation Coach (valued at $250+ a month) to support you as a creator, access to joining our regular Synergy Circle team broadcast to help give you experience on air and the opportunity to introduce your content to more people, access to our private team chats, and more.  

Joining as a Leading Member is right for you if:

- You have read over the Welcome Guide and agree fully to the Community Guidelines.

- You enjoy Brendon's (Wolf-Shield / Mystic Spiderman / Skull Babylon) content and wish to support the project and work along side him and a dedicated team. 

- You wish to commit yourself towards leveling up as a Shifter and making an impact where you are through art, real world action (such as Free Hugs), and community leadership.

- You are already (or want to develop as) a conscious YouTuber, writer, journalist, musician, and media creator and of any format with the intention of helping shift consciousness and inspiring people. 

- You are an entrepreneur and have your own services to provide for the conscious community (such as coaching, consulting, physical crafts, digital media, etc) and wish to expand and grow your network, impact, and increase your prosperity and build your regenerative income. 


-You are looking to create and contribute meaningful inspirational content and have it featured with a wider global audience.

- You are seeking to be in a sacred digital environment of daily inspiration, engagement, creativity, respect, and accountability amongst like hearted people who share common visions and purpose.

- You feel called and inspired to help others and organize local conscious community events where you are to build the tribe, plant seeds, and make lasting impact.

- You are passionate about topics related to metaphysics, consciousness, and feel called to help shift the paradigms. 

- You are a good team player and value being able to learn along side others and help lead by example within the bigger community.

As a Leading Member you will receive:

- Access to Brendon as your private Conscious Media Creation Coach to help you brainstorm and get clarity on your next steps as a creator, and helping you build your own regenerative income. 

- Ability to join on air for regular inspirational Synergy Circle broadcasts to be featured and practice sharing your voice and insights amongst other leaders. Synergy Circles are broadcast live Sundays at 7pm EST.

- Access to the full Discord Chat server
(oppose to just the one public chat channel) which includes the Voice Chats, Media Production Zone, Team Journals, Study Zone, and the ability to post your items and services to the Community Market. 

- Ability to create a profile on the main website and to be able to publish Shift Entries to practice documenting your journey and the Shift form your perspective, and sharing your original content with the global audience.

- To have your original content featured within the team Instagram feed, as well as the Videos feed.

- To have your information added to the Global Team Map and Leading Member Index so more people can discover your work and connect with you.

- 25% Off Discount for primary items at 
(Such as Shift Buttons, Free Hugs Signs, Light Guardian Crystals)

- Additional creation and life management tools.

- Additional support with media creation, consultation, and collaboration.

- And more!

How to become a Leading Member

Becoming a Leading Member is simple. 

All you have to do is begin your monthly contributions to the project on Patreon. From there you will receive further instructions. 

NOTE: New Leading Members are brought on gradually over time. By beginning your contribution on Patreon you will be added to the cue and invited to join as soon as possible.

If you would like to get a feel for things first before you join then you are welcome to begin by joining the Public Live Chat.

Click Here to join the Public Live Chat.
(Must have Discord App installed)

If you have any questions be sure to ask Brendon aka Wolf Shield in the Public Live Chat or another Leading Member. 

Welcome again and thank you for being a part of the community!

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