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A Shifter Pass is given to a Shifter following their approval after applying for their pass and connects them with the private Core Team of Paradigm Shift Central. The value of the Shifter Pass is given in exchange for an asking pay what you wish contribution between $10 - 1000US per month to help evolve the project. (If you are already supporting on patreon, your contribution there counts towards your total.) Payments can be cancelled at any time as need be. 

Participants are encouraged to recognize the monthly value exchange as an investment for themselves as they receive the teachings and community support to continue actualizing and embodying the Shifter archetype within them. Doing so will help them in stepping into their potential as multi-dimensional creators and leaders while cultivating more prosperity within their own life and assisting others as well.

How to know if applying for a Shifter Pass is right for you.

  • If you enjoy Brendon's (Wolf-Shield's) content and wish to support the project and work along side him and a dedicated team. 

  • If you wish to commit yourself towards leveling up as a Shifter and making an impact where you are through conscious media, real world action, and community leadership.

  • If you are looking to have your content featured with a wider global audience.

  • If you are seeking to be in an environment of daily inspiration, engagement, creativity, and accountability amongst like hearted people who share a common purpose.

  • If you are passionate about topics related to metaphysics, consciousness, and feel called to help shift the paradigms. 

  • If you are a good team player and value being able to learn along side others.

  • If you are growing your own conscious business as an entrepreneur (not required).

Upon approval you will receive the following:

- Access to the Shifter Academy (Private Discord Chat Server)
Within the Academy participants will collaborate through ongoing chat with the intention to remain synched up, develop accountability, and maintain momentum. Through this Shifters learn to share, support, collaborate, research, inspire, and grow together. The Shifter Academy also includes numerous areas to help you with sharing your content and services with other like-hearted team members. 

- Access to The Shifter's Guide to the Matrix
A practical learning resource to help you activate your Shifter Archetype.
Consists of 6 Modules with multiple sub categories. (Under Development)


1. Becoming a Shifter
2. Key Metaphysical Principles
3. Hacking Body Mind Spirit
4. Mastering Media Creation
5. Managing a Paradigm Shift Community
6. Advanced Embodiment Skills

- Your Shifter Pass officially listed on the Global Team Map (Optional)

Useful for helping others connect to your content and services


- Your unique 25% Off Discount Key for primary items, such as Shifter Booster Kits, Shift Buttons, and Light Guardian Crystals at

- Access to exclusive media content, the same which is made available for Patreon supporters. 

- Access to join team broadcast discussions live on air for
Team Round Table and Dream Class, both once a month. 


- Option to have your media content archived and featured on the main website to be shared with a wider global audience

- Access to private team voice chats and private team meetings

Includes ongoing scheduled voice chat discussions and inspirational check-ins

- Access to additional exclusive live broadcasts with Wolf-Shield

- Access to exclusive custom Notion Templates
Incredibly valuable tool for organization, efficiency, and optimization


- Entered into ongoing Light Saber (flow toy) giveaways

- Discount on Coaching and Media Consultation Sessions with Wolf-Shield

Brainstorm with Brendon to help gain more clarity and inspiration
on the content you are creating and the life you are living.


If you would like to take the path of leveling yourself up as a Shifter and working along side the global team, then your next step is to apply for a Shifter Pass. 

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