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Shifter Pass Application Form

What is your name?

What is the best email to contact you at?

You must be over 18 to apply for a Shifter Pass.

Are you over 18?

How long have you known about Paradigm Shift Central?

Why do you wish to apply for a Shifter Pass?

Do you already have experience being involved in any conscious communities online or offline?

Are you interested in developing your skills as a conscious media creator? If so - how so? Please share any specific skills you are already familiar with.

Please list your websites and social media channels.
(IG, YT, FB, etc)

What are some topics you are interested in learning more about?

What do you feel you would bring to the team?

Are you interested in creating a Paradigm Shift Community for your location? If so please list your city.

Do you agree to be a valuable member of the team and agree to the Community Guidelines?

If you are approved you will receive an email titled Shifter Pass Approved. All applications remain on file. Please be patient. If you do not hear back it simply means that now is not the time. Though you may still be approved in the future. Do acknowledge your understanding of this?

Thanks for submitting!

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