Interviewing Drunk Students about Aliens, Dreams, and Dimensions (Video)

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

As a Shifter it is my mission and duty to help be the bridge between higher conscious ideas and mainstream culture in creative and compassionate ways. It means being able to see windows of opportunity for helping evoke synchronicity to create meaningful moments. This is why I felt the call and followed through with it when I knew that one of the biggest and craziest university street parties was happening in my city... Many people project a stereotype when it comes to drunk university students. I wanted to be able to help play into that - but then also go beyond it. I wanted to create something unique, funny, consciousness shifting, and inspirational... and so that is what we did.... Help this video go viral by adding likes and leaving comments. Share it around and ripple the inspiration!

I know that by making this video it will server as a potent medium for important messages. I made it with the intention of it being something that other students would be excited to share - and thus helping plant meaningful seeds for anyone who happens to see it. By simply making this video we have helped accelerate the shift just a little bit more...

So in conclusion - mission accomplished. Go team! Thank you so much for watching! 0N3 L0V3 - Brendon

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