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The primary elements of media featured through Paradigm Shift Central is created by active members of the Paradigm Shift Central Conscious Media Co-op, which is a sub section of the Shifter Academy. The Co-op is a focused group that Brendon leads who he works alongside with throughout the week. Members of the conscious media co-op work together as a team in creating their own content aswell as collaborating on content that is intentionally inspirational, educational, entertaining. Within the Co-op members learn valuable skills related to video production, graphic design, writing, website design, live broadcasts, general self-mastery, and much much more. Members also take part in regular inspirational Production Meetings which are recorded and online. 


The intention of the Co-op is to help assist the shift by directly assisting members of the community in further developing their media production skills, reaching a wider audience, growing their own brands as entrepreneurs, manifesting their own prosperity, and helping them level up as leaders. 


Members of the co-op also have access to Brendon as a private conscious media mentor / teacher / coach, along with exclusive instructional and valuable media creation walkthrough videos.

Get a general idea of the vibe being sent out within the Co-op by listening
to this preview of a Production Meeting. 

Listen to ongoing Production Meetings as they take place Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays by using this updated playlist. 

> Launch Playlist <


New members of the co-op are brought on slowly over time at Brendon's choosing based on those he feels are a good fit for the co-op at the time. Members are also expected to contribute a monthly contribution between $10 - 1000 based on what works best for them.

If you feel you would be a good fit for the Conscious Media Co-op and are interested in submitting an application to join than please submit your application for a Shifter Pass at

Thank you!

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