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Thank you for clicking my bio link!
My name is Brendon, aka Mystic Spiderman, Skull Babylon, Wolf-Shield...etc!

I am the facilitator for Paradigm Shift Central, which I began in 2010. I am dedicated to creating conscious media, featuring other conscious creators, and helping build a potent community of Shifters just like you to help accelerate the shift in consciousness through the power of art, shared inspiration, and real world action! 

Use the features below to explore some of my content and more from the community.


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Paradigm Shift Central and the work I do for the community is made possible thanks to your support.

If you enjoy the value of the work I help create, than you are invited to add your support as a Super Supporter and get your unique

25% Off Discount Key for items such as Shift Buttons and Light Guardian Crystals from

As a bonus I give shoutouts on IG to everyone who adds their support! 

Monthly Donation option is preferred, but whatever works for you is cool! 

Thank you!



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