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Paradigm Shift Central is made possible thanks to community support!

If you are a fan of the ongoing inspirational content created by Brendon Culliton and the larger team for the conscious community, then one of the best ways to support the future of conscious media is by contributing a monthly micro donation of your choice on Patreon to receive your Patreon Membership! 

Your support on Patreon helps the project evolve for the community as well as increase its global impact and reach so more people can connect and be inspired!

Help us reach our team goal of 200 active patreon members!

Your Patreon Membership will give you access to ongoing exclusive content as well as your own reusable 25% Off Discount Key for for primary quest items to help assist you in your journey of shifting consciousness at

Items within the Quest Item Shop that you can use your
Discount Key for include:

Shifter Booster Kit Packages
Shift Buttons
Free Hugs Signs

Light Guardian Crystals
High Tier Light Guardian Crystals (Lemurian & Auralite 23)
Wolf Crystals


You can also use the alternative donation options below to claim your Discount Key.
Every form of support is equally appreciated!

Direct PayPal donations are accepted at

Or continue with the box below for more options.
Upon donating Brendon will email you your Discount Key.


If you have any questions you can contact Brendon!

Thank you!

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