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Joining as a Leading Member

What is a Leading Member?

  • Leading Members are Shifters within the community who have special access to publish and feature their conscious media content through the project and be involved in ongoing collaborative work periods and live broadcasts to support you as a conscious creator. 

What other benefits do Leading Members have?

  • Being a part of an awesome and inspired team of fellow conscious media creators, entrepreneurs, and leaders.

  • Ability to join on air for live weekly team broadcasts such as Synergy Circle, Dream Class, Destiny School, Conscious Open Mics, and more (Thurs at 8pm EST / 5pm PST) along with other collaboration opportunities.

  • Access to Leading Member only channels within the Team Chat.

  • Access to Brendon as your Conscious Media Creation Coach to assist you with brainstorming and getting clarity on your next steps. (Worth $250+ a month)

  • 25% or more discount for primary items, such as Shift Buttons, from the Item Shop.

  • And much more value as the project continues to evolve!

How do you become a Leading Member?

  • By signing up to join on Patreon with a monthly pay-what-you-wish contribution of $11USD or higher.

How do you know if joining as a Leading Member is right for you?

  • You are ready to step into your archetype of being a bad ass conscious superhero.

  • You are passionate about topics related to metaphysics, consciousness, and feel called to make a difference in the world.

  •  You are a good team player and value being able to create, contribute and learn along side other leaders and help lead by example within the bigger community.

  • You are already (or want to develop as) a conscious creator on platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and develop other skills such as a writer, journalist, musician, or media creator and of any format with the intention of helping create inspirational content, document the shift in consciousness and be a part of it.

  • You want to create your own Patreon and build your community and regenerative income to support your devotion.

  • You enjoy Brendon's (Wolf-Shield / Mystic Spiderman / Skull Babylon) content, style of leadership, and wish to support the project and work along side him and a dedicated team. 

  • You are called towards leveling up as a Shifter and making an impact where you are through art, real world action (such as Free Hugs), and community leadership.

  • You are an entrepreneur and have your own services to provide for the conscious community (such as coaching, consulting, physical crafts, digital media, etc) and wish to expand and grow your network, impact, and increase your prosperity and build your regenerative income. 

  • You feel called and inspired to help others and organize local conscious community events where you are to build the tribe, plant seeds, and make lasting impact. 

I feel called to join! What next?

Awesome! Your next steps are to sign up and join on the Patreon! 
You will receive more information once you do!

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