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Scottish Shaman - Holistic Vocal Practitioner - Musician - Voice Researcher

My name is Lise Mitchell Noble - I am a vocal practitioner with a particular interest in exploring the voice as a therapeutic, self-development tool. I explore wellbeing through healthy vocalisation; applying a multidisciplinary holistic approach to working with the voice. My own creative practice includes; songwriting, musical performance, collaboration and producing. My ongoing personal research on the voice examines the concept of a true voice and ways to explore personal identity through building a relationship with one’s own sound. Finally, in both private and community settings I support others through facilitating safe space for them to explore voice work. I draw on a wide range of methodologies inspired by Alexander Technique, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Feldenkreis, the work of Mantak Chia, Mongolian Overtone Throat Singing, Speech Therapy, Performance skills, Songwriting and Improvisation.

Here is a short video shot and edited by my lovely friend Tanja Schangen which explains further this work I am creating through True Voice Creations

If you are interested to read more about my background, influences and training; you can dive into my website at:

True Voice Creations is the overall portal through which I am offering various strands to voice work you can discover these different facets by visiting my facebook page:

Over the past few years I have been crafting and honing different elements of voice work to interact with, distilling and crystalising this down to '5 Elements of Voice Work'

I describe the philosophy behind these approaches to working with voice the following video:

These various elements can be approached in isolation, step by step and also combined and interwoven as wished. You can begin your vocal journey at any of these junctions, they will all lead you inward, to greater confidence and self understanding. The routeways into vocal development are as follows:

Vocal Fire - Fire Element - Creative expression and performance

Vocal Peace - Water Element - Spiritual development & the inner voice

Vocal Freedom - Metal Element - Alchemy through trauma release

Vocal Harmony - Earth Element - Community music making & participation

Vocal Remedy - Wood Element - Physical health & wellbeing


At present this is how I am expressing myself musically...

Vocal Fire

How I describe my own creative practice as a singer is that I express through 'Vocal Fire'; Soul Powered Sound System. I love tools, toys and gear and I want to utilise technloogy which will enhance by delivery, but I also want to highlight, that first and foremost, it is the BODY that is the soundsystem, and that is POWERED by our INNER FLAME

My current musical projects are Dram For A Song. Sounds like - 'Scottish Soul Song' - Live improvisatory performance; real-time storytelling through vocal soundscape, lyrics and instrumental accompaniment A fusion of influences and vocal techniques spanning; Classical, Jazz, Blues, Folk and specialist World styles. Musing on the performance environment creates opportunity to craft narrative with the intention of creating a healing exchange between audience and performer.

I have a 4 track EP recorded as a live session which you can listen to

The most up to date content you will find on Facebook - many live videos on there:

My other project is called Truth Seeker. Sounds like: 'Lyrical spells and deep beats' - As a result of my period of research in Mongolia where I was learning Mongolian Throat Singing techniques; I am now certain of the creative direction of this musical project. The production values for this project are electronic backdrop with acoustic instrumental overlay (buffalo drum, jaw harp, cello, piano), and vocal soundscape inspired by a fusion of Scottish Oral Folk Tradition and frequencies inspired by Mongolian Overtone Singing, with a contemporary rhythmic Hip Hop style as the lyrical thread to weave these sounds together. The best place to follow this vocal journey is through Instagram:

Content also being shared on Facebook:


Intellectually and in educational contexts....


The underpinning of my deeper creative and spiritual development work was supported through my Masters in Popular Music at the University of Glasgow (basically creative practice and sociology). During this time I completed my thesis titled 

'The true voice: an exploration of identity' 

''This thesis examines the concept of the true voice as a method for the exploration of identity. A revised Delphi approach was used to facilitate the open discussion of this concept amongst a group of specialists from various areas of voicework and singing. The primary objective of the study was to provide a framework of understanding from which to view a holistic approach to vocal development, with particular relevance to the singing voice, as well as lay the foundations for further study in this area through presenting a range of opinions on the true voice. The study gave definition to the concept of the true voice and revealed that it could be used as both a framework of understanding as well as an application to voicework.'

If you would like to read the full paper you can download it through Academia:

Building on research skills developed during my Masters, I am now branching out from sociology more specifically into ethnomusicological and anthropological enquiry. I am interested in how individuals and communities use the voice as a therapeutic tool. In Summer 2019 I organised, crowd and self-funded

'A Vocal Journey in Mongolia'. 

This personal ethnomusicology research project took me to Mongolia for 4 months to study overtone throat singing. The project coordinated cultural exchanges with nomadic herder families and teaching time with xöömii practitioners and masters. I was investigating the therapeutic potential of this particular form of vocalisation, and continued enquiry with my findings is ongoing.

You can read more about the project on my original crowdfunding page: The page is still open, so please feel free if you feel called to donate to the project, as I am now in a process with editing and post research analysis, for which I currently have no funding support. 

My Youtube channel has plenty of examples of me exploring throat singing methodologies and experimenting with integrating these new vocal techniques:

Whilst I was doing research in Mongolia, I saw and felt many parallels between rural life there and ancient Scottish practice, ritual and tradition which has almost been entirely lost as a result of cultural suppression. This video is recently made and describes comparative insights, reflections between these two rich cultures.


Working with Spirit...

I am stepping into my sharing of deeper spiritual work more fully with others. I have always practiced my own ritual and ceremony in private, feeling most comfortable and safe in this capacity. I have always been deeply connected to and inspired by Celtic Magic and work directly with scared sites and elementals. I have been exploring Shamanic Practice with dedication and focus for the last few years (since leaving University and having the time and space to travel and make links with physical conscious communities and discover where my strengths lie). I am well along this path now and I am looking for appropriate spaces (communities, festivals, events) to share channelled Vocal Journeys - Shamanic Soundscapes to deliver healing frequencies to place and people. In terms of more publicly sharing my inner work, this process was stimulated by a 6month intuitive training which focussed on Channelling, working with energetic Archetypes in Angelic realms as well as using core principles from Theta Healing. This was a hugely important period for me in my own trauma release and learning about conscious practice in holding space to deliver distance healing for others. Through this Vocal Peace has emerged: 'Channelled Messages to Soothe the Soul'. To date stepping into visibility with this has been one of my biggest achievements - previously having spent so long in fear of being punished for directly sharing spiritual gifts.

Vocal Peace

Vocal Peace offers a range of sessions offering healing, channelled messages connected to Spirit, drawing inspiration and wisdom from etheric and Angelic realms. Our sessions take place over Skype and aim to bring restfulness, release and a sense of peace for those wishing to develop and strengthen their relationship with Source. My background as a holistic vocal practitioner and singer, with a particular interest in confidence building through vocalisation, has drawn my focus towards exploring voice work in academic, practical and spiritual realms. With my expertise in this area, you can expect a focus of the voice oriented sessions to look at your throat chakra and connected energy centres to aid you with; clear communication, emotional release, finding your power and tapping into the personal creative potential of your inner voice. Channelled sessions are relaxing personal journeys where we will work from a safe energetic container that I have created. I will serve as a conduit to offer healing messages which present to support you during this time. All sessions are completely confidential:

If you are curious to know how these sessions flow, and the quality of the space being held, then I invite you to watch this example video of a recorded session:

I hope these links and the information I have shared bring you some inspiration and interest in voice work and some insights into the value it has to offer as an emotional, intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual practice. If you would like to connect and discuss any elements of this or have any questions. Please reach me through any of the above channels, or simply drop me an email at:


In the community...

Vocal Harmony

I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with a broad range of individuals and community groups over the last few years. This has given me a wealth of experience in trying to meet the support needs of a variety of, often vulnerable; children, young people and adults. My focus in community settings is to offer confidence building vocal workshops which are accessible to people of all backgrounds, regardless of their levels of experience with music, or voice work. This work is most enriching because I really get to embrace my role as a facilitator, not a teacher! I am in an equal learning position to those participating in my workshops which I love - there is always something new and surprising to learn about yourself, others, your communtiy and the wider world.

The most up to date info about upcoming community events and collaborations with local organisations is through this link:

Vocal Remedy & Vocal Freedom

These two elements are in a research and development stage at present. Stay connected through all channels listed above to hear more as it emerges

Truth Seeker - Scottish Shaman
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