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Your Fairy Shift Mother

Manders is a magically gifted woman who strives to assist in the shift of consciousness. Her abilities surfaced very young. Things like astral travel and seeing energy came very easily to her. From an early age she wanted to wake people up and help them, to the point of complete frustration. Laying in bed at night thinking about the universe until her head hurt was eventually something she avoided doing.

However after awakening the synchronicity and alignment with Paradigm Shift Central was powerful. Now a member of the Co-op and Media Medicine contributor. Her intention is to create magical spaces where we can learn about consciousness within a warm fuzzy blanket of acceptance. Healing and inspiration will be the name of the game. Manders uses Divination as a chariot for knowledge as well as clarity.

Connect. Inspire. Liberate.

Think of Manders as your fairy shift mother, loving you ferociously.

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