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Skull Baylon
∞ Rebirth From Within ∞
Neo-Gonzo Journalist of the Future

Skull Babylon aka Brendon 'Wolf-Shield' Culliton

Facilitator of Paradigm Shift Central
Host of Paradigm Shift Radio
Conscious Media Creator
Psychedelic Superhero
Techno-Ninja Wizard

The paradigms are shifting, 
and Skull Babylon is here to bring you the story first hand.  


In 2009, Brendon Culliton, aka Skull Babylon, created the foundations for Paradigm Shift London - A youth initiated community that encourages and supports open-mindedness, healthy living, and the evolution of consciousness. What began as one community has now expanded into a global community. As a graduate of Media Theory and Production: Television Broadcasting, Skull uses his techno-ninja skills and the help of his friends to document the unfolding developments via video and radio of the now global Paradigm Shift Community and his own experiences in a collective effort to connect, educate and inspire people all across the world.

Using the title and style of a Gonzo Journalist implies the technique of the story teller being included in the story being told / reported on. Through this process the intention is to create a more personal relationship between the content creator and the audience.

Though Skull may be the first Neo-Gonzo Journalist, the simple idea is to help tread a path as others emerge from within the global Paradigm Shift Community over time as we collectively take steps further in the process of creating our own media. 

"I always intended for there to be a global network of Paradigm Shift communities. Through my efforts to provide ongoing documentation I am helping lead by example and showing that what can happen here in London, Ontario, Canada
can happen anywhere. " 

His video content is to be found all over this website in the The Story So Far, Shiftivism Videos, The Movies, The Sight Beyond Sight Episodes, and not to mention Paradigm Shift Radio. As such, here are only a couple of videos that are less seen elsewhere to highlight some of his work. The rest can be browsed through this website and his youtube. 

Understand more of the story. Read - The Story So Far

Please feel free to connect with him on facebook and support his ongoing work via Donations

> Click Here to View The Best Of Skull Babylon Playlist <

And REMEMBER - The Shift is You. 

(Recent Video Uploads) 

Specific Videos: