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For every person who experiences this film it helps birth a potential new reality. Please help turn ripples into waves by sharing this page using the tools above. Namaste
Sincerely - Brendon aka Skull Babylon


This film was produced and released online for free.
If you enjoy this project and wish to support future
consciousness shifting projects please donate at






Film Synopsis: Join gonzo journalist Brendon (aka Skull Babylon) as he sets off on a journey to reunite with long lost new found friends and spirit family at the Three Days of Light consciousness festival and retreat. 

Through this story we see first hand accounts of the youth and non youth here on this planet today who are passionate about exploring spirituality as a means to refine their identities to then go out and change the world- to choose be the change they wish to see. This is an inspiring story to unite all of those who see it with a knowing that as a global community we have the potential and privilege to co-create, educate, and celebrate a better world.

The paradigms are shifting, and Skull Babylon is here to bring you the story first hand. 
This film was made as a labour of love and released online for free as part of the greater good. Consider donating to help support future consciousness shifting projects at and


Horus Rising 3DL Music Video
Golden Pastures


Original Intro:
My friends, my fellow Spirit Family – join me as I set off on another adventure to reunite with some long lost and now found friends. As a Neogonzo Journalist I will be documenting my travels as I head towards The Gathering at the Three Days of Light Consciousness Festival and Retreat happening November 2-4 in Asheville NC.

There I will be meeting up with Jordan of Spirit Science and many more as well as doing interviews with lots of people there and giving a solid overview of this beautiful celebration.

So please join me on this journey as I share a story with you that has been eons in the making. A story not just about me, but about life and the many wonderful experiences and mysteries waiting to be found.

Original Video Logs
Pt00 / Pt01Pt02 / Pt03 / Pt04 /

Furthermore, you can watch the special Google + Hangout edition of Paradigm Shift Radio LIVE from 3DL.  



Thank you for being a part of the journey. 

0N3 L0V3
-Skull Babylon
Neogonzo Journalist of the Future