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EP08: Reincarnation, Past Lives, and Meditation

As we walk through life, some of us question as to whether or not this is our first time. Reincarnation is not something many of us have been taught to believe growing up, but given our ability to question reality for ourselves, it tends to be a particular idea many are interested by. If we do have past lives, then that would mean we as individuals are still in some way connected to our past experiences. Along with explaining the benefits of meditation and how karma from our past lives effects us in this one, Charles Price guides us through a meditation where we can practice getting in touch with our spirit guides who in turn will help show us information about our past lives to help us better understand this one now.

To learn more and contact Charles, visit his website at


Guided Spirit Guide Meditation 

Take part in a guided meditation lead by Charles Price as he takes you to a safe place where you can meet your spirit guide and learn more about your past lives.